Micha Eden Erdész is an Intermedia artist who is currently artist-in-residence at Colchester Makerspace, Essex UK.

Erdész researches the supernatural as it relates to subjectivity by using Intermedia to generate multiple experiences of order and duration.

'Over a period of time I became interested in the collared doves nest resting in the small bush at the back of the garden. I was astonished at how safe these birds must feel at human eye-level. I tried to make photographs of these birds as they neared fledging time, expressing their energy. As I got closer and closer to the nest and made more movements to try and provoke a reaction, the fnal time I took a photograph was when I was satisfed. I knew I was satisfed when the birds reaction scared me. After the birds had left and the nest was sparse in the sparse bush taken by winter, I walked out one night to turn and hear the sound of the whole bush shaking violently to the tune of cries.'

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